1. hilton-king:

    Looks like a Jew!

  2. (Source: scoobiesnacks)

  6. pleasingprey:

    I love how sliding a toy in my ass feels endless. Like it can go in forever. Someday I’d love to experience sliding a toy inside of my ass like this. Nothing super thick, but nice and long, maybe sharing with another girl and her ass.

  7. pegandstretchme:

    So excited right now can’t wait for this pounding

  8. ass-candy:

    Happy Ass Wednesday!!!!

    Dayna Vandetta

  9. andrearosu:

    New schoolgirl video up: clips4sale.com/75279

    I’ve been a very mouthy student who needs to learn a lesson in respect.  I’m kept after school and made to show myself off.

  10. andrearosu:

    Because I was enamored with my video (on clips4sale.com/75279), I decided to make a few gifs…’cause why not??!!

    Model: Andrea Rosu

  11. blueteddy143:

    Andrea Rosu

  12. andrearosu:

    New taboo limp/chloroform vid up: clips4sale.com/75279

    My nephew is so brilliant! He’s working on some kind of chemical; something I don’t profess to understand. He says it’s fast acting and memory erasing. Anyway…
    Before I know what happened, my nephew tests this chemical on me. He now gets to do whatever he’s always wanted to me!

  13. longthrow:

    Andrea Rosu

  14. burnbabyburn0317:

    Babe of the day:
    Andrea Rosu

    Just might have a new favorite here!!!

  15. axonimagery:

    More fun with andrearosu